Bawaal review: Nitesh Tiwari's film fails to reflect on love and war

Varun Dhawan stars in 'Bawaal' directed by Nitesh Tiwari, portraying a high school History teacher with deep insecurities about his societal position.

The character marries Nisha, played by Janvhi Kapoor, an honest, determined woman who undergoes transformation after learning about Ajju's true nature.

'Bawaal' is criticised for failing to engage despite multiple contributors to the storyline and a World War II angle which is critiqued as a cliched storytelling device.

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Both Manoj Pahwa and Janhvi Kapoor are credited for their performances but the source material is criticised for being generic and cliched.

The choice of interspersing black-and-white images throughout the film is deemed questionable, as the symbolic intent is unclear.

Varun Dhawan's acting in 'Bawaal' has been critiqued as lacking sincerity, with the film in overall receiving a 2 out of 5 star rating.