In addition to the existing night curfew, Karnataka government has also added a weekend curfew to battle COVID-19.

The new lockdown guidelines will come into effect from 9 pm, April 21 to 6 am, May 4, until further notice.

Individuals are not allowed to step out during curfew unless in case of emergencies/ essential activities. Here's what all allowed and what's not.

Who can step out during the weekend lockdown: 1. State/ central govt employees 2. Essential COVID-19 services 3. ISPs 4. Essential staff  5. People travelling from & to the state

Patients & their helpers are allowed to move. People needing medical assistance can also step out. No restriction on taking flights.

Grocery shops will be open only from 6 am-10 am during weekends. Online delivery of essentials is allowed during the lockdown.

All cinema halls, gyms/ yoga centres, shopping malls, sports complexes, spas, swimming pools, auditoriums, etc. will remain closed during the weekend lockdown.

Construction work is prohibited. Food deliveries are allowed. Restaurants will only allow takeaways.

Liquor shops, bars & restaurants will remain closed. Deliveries & takeaways will be allowed during the weekdays. Dining, however, is prohibited.

A maximum capacity of 50 people and 20 people is allowed for weddings and funerals respectively.

Any kind of gatherings, including for religious purposes, is not allowed.  Only individuals involved in religious services can perform their duties, without visitors.