It was yet another double-digit day for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 as it moved ahead full-throttle on Sunday with 12.77 crores more coming in.

This is a very good hold indeed since the first Sunday for the film was 23.51 crores and on the second Sunday, the film has dropped by less than 50%

The film has now collected 122.69 crores already and that too in just 10 days, which means an average of over 12 crores per day.

For a film that opened at 14.11 crores, to maintain an average close to that even after 10 days running is quite good.

Moreover, there is a lot of steam left for the film as it will have a rather uninterrupted run right through the current week

which means around 18-20 crores more should be added to its total by the time the second week comes to a close.