After Hyundai, KFC has been facing massive backlash online after its Pakistan unit shared a Kashmir 'solidarity' post on Facebook on Saturday.

The February 5 post has since been deleted but social media users have been sharing screenshots of it

Social media users demanding an apology from the company as #BoycottKFC began to trend on Twitter.

The post read: "You never left our thoughts and we hope that the coming years bring peace to you!".

The image has "KASHMIR BELONGS TO THE KASHMIRIS" written in bold red letters.

Following an online uproar, KFC India issued an apology on Monday evening.

Twitter users, however, were quick to point out that this isn't the first time that KFC's Pakistan handle expressed its solidarity over Kashmir.

Their social media teams had shared a similar message on February 5, 2021 -- a day the neighbouring country observes as Kashmir Day.