BR Ambedkar : The father of Indian Constitution and social reformer

APRIL 14 (Ambedkar Jayanti), marks the 131st birth anniversary of the father of the Indian Constitution and messiah of the caste revolution in India.

Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, popularly known as Babasaheb, was born in 1891 into a Mahar household (untouchables)

He came to be known as a “Dalit icon” for his fight to uplift untouchables, the oppressed, labourers and women.

He focused on religious, gender and caste equality in his presentation to the Southborough Committee that was preparing the Government of India Act, 1919

His aversion to the caste system of Hinduism led to many ideological differences between the Indian National Congress and him. One was the ‘Poona Pact’ of 1932.

His emphasis on Article 32 shows that he was a radical social thinker who incorporated changes in the Constitution and its application.

Ambedkar’s ideas of sovereignty paved the way for the unification of princely states, which gave shape to the Indian Union.

He pushed hard for Hindu Code Bill in the Parliament. The Bill was meant to give equal rights to women in matters of marriage and inheritance