Bruce Willis “Stepping Away” from acting career after Aphasia diagnosis

Let' us know more about Aphasia

Veteran actor Bruce Willis, who has appeared in over 70 films, is retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, his family announced on March 30

In a statement posted on Instagram by his daughter Rumer Willis, the family said the condition was affecting his cognitive abilities.

What is aphasia ?

According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine, aphasia is a language disorder that is caused by damage to the part of brain that controls comprehension and language expression

What is aphasia ?

What causes Aphasia ?

Aphasia can be caused by dementia, infections, strokes, head injuries and brain tumours. Aphasia leaves a person unable to communicate effectively with others

Types of Aphasia ?

Broca aphasia, Wernicke aphasia and Global aphasia. Symptoms differ according to the type of aphasia a person has

Broca aphasia

Also known as expressive aphasia, patients are able to utter short and meaningful sentences and usually understand others

Wernicke aphasia

Sometimes also referred to as receptive aphasia, patients’ sentences become long and confusing. They also find it difficult to comprehend the words of other people

Global aphasia causes difficulties in both speech and the comprehension of language. Treatments for aphasia include speech-language therapy and group therapy for patients and family members

Families of aphasia patients are advised to simplify their own language, encourage the use of drawings and gestures for communication and look for support clubs