Can't Stop Procrastinating? Here's How to Break the Cycle

Time runs out on a task you've been putting on the back burner and you begin to feel the pressure that could easily have been avoided.

According to Dr. Steel, when we procrastinate we often find ourselves sacrificing our spare time in order to complete a task on time.

Expectancy: If you expect to succeed at a task, you're more motivated to complete a task before it's due date.

Delay: In plain terms, the longer you have to wait to be rewarded for a task, the less motivated you are to complete said task.

Whether it's listening to your favorite playlist while you're doing the laundry or enjoying a nice cup of tea while going through budgets, placing tasks you enjoy on your to-do list can make a daunting task a little more pleasurable.

Tackle your difficult tasks first, early in the morning: Due to our circadian rhythm, our bodies begin to wind down in the afternoon and according to Dr. Steel, by 3 p.m. it becomes difficult to effectively complete a task.