CES is the world’s largest global technology show and also the place where the quirkiest technological innovations are unveiled.

Here are some of the craziest tech we saw at the event this year.

The car is capable of changing its colour completely from black to white and vice versa

BMW iX Flow – A colour changing car

This is still a concept car, though, and the tech could take a long time before reaching your local dealership.

Imuzak 3-D Holograms on your dashboard

The Imuzak 3-D Steering-Wheel display is a display system that lets drivers see all kinds of 3D pop-ups on their dashboard for nearby ATMs, restrooms, and more.

Noveto N1 – Headphones, but invisible

The Noveto N1 headphones are actually not placed on your head but flat on your desk like a mini soundbar.

The device then emits audio straight to your ears without any wires or other material in between. It is expected to be launched later this year.

Samsung has invented a remote that doesn’t need replaceable batteries

Samsung energy harvesting remote

The new energy-harvesting remote can pick up radio frequencies emitted by the other tech equipment in your house like your WiFi router to charge the internal batteries of the device.