Amid criticism from the West for imposing a wheat export ban, China has come to India’s defence.

Chinese government asked G7 industrialised nations that if they are  so quick to criticise India, why won’t they themselves hike exports and  stabilise the food market supply.

This comes after German Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir  said at a press conference in Stuttgart: "If everyone starts to impose  export restrictions or to close markets, that would worsen the crisis."

while India is the second-largest wheat producer, it accounts for only a small part of global wheat exports

The Global Times report said that the real reason behind the “steep rises in global market food  prices and food supply shortages” is the Ukraine crisis and the West’s  sanctions on Russia.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry also placed export of onion seeds  under the “prohibited” category. Both the orders regarding wheat and  onion seeds have come into effect immediately.