Clubhouse Voice Rooms Now Gives You the Option to Chat via Text Too

Clubhouse will now let users interact in voice rooms over text.

Rooms with text chat enabled will have a dedicated icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Clubhouse had started allowing anyone - even those without an account - to listen to conversations taking place on the platform through Clubhouse for Web since last month.

Clubhouse announced in a blog post that the platform wants everyone to be able to join live conversations, whether by voice or text.

Named In-Room Chat, the new feature is similar the feature offered by Skype and Zoom - a text chat area within a live room.

Voice room moderators will be able to delete chat messages, and creators can choose to disable text chat when starting a new room.

There will be a dedicated icon at the bottom left of the screen for rooms that have the in-Room Chat feature enabled.

Clubhouse expanded its platform to the Web in January 2022, so that anyone can listen to a live chat.