Commercial LPG Cylinders Now Cost Rs. 250 More

The prices of commercial Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) went up on Friday with an increase of Rs. 250 per cylinder.

A 19-kg commercial cooking gas cylinder in the national capital Delhi now costs Rs. 2,253.

LPG prices are revised on the 1st day of every month based on the price of benchmark fuel in the previous month.

In Kolkata, a 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder will cost ₹2,351. In Mumbai and Chennai, the prices will be ₹2,205 and 2,406 respectively.

But the price of domestic gas cylinders that are sold to households remains unchanged.

A 14.2-kg non-subsidised LPG cylinder costs ₹949.50 in New Delhi after a hike of Rs.50 per cylinder was announced in March.

Source: HT