Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Prices Increased in Indian Cities

Delhi-National Capital Region, Mumbai, Gujarat and Pune witnessed a price increase in CNG or compressed natural gas.

The steep hike in Petrol, Diesel prices has led to the increasing demand for CNG across the country.

Mumbai saw the highest hike with Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) increasing CNG price by Rs 7 per kilogram, costing Rs 67 per kg.

The rate of CNG jumped by another Rs 2.5 per kg in Delhi and prices now stand at Rs 66.61 per kg.

Delhi-NCR witnessed a total surge of Rs 6.6 in a span of five days.

The local natural gas price surged 110 per cent to $6.1 per mmBtu from April 1 which contributed to the recent hike in CNG price.

Source: News18