After Mahila Congress leader, Nagma, was denied a seat in the  upcoming Rajya Sabha polls, she took to Twitter to say that her 18 years  of penance had fallen short.

The Congress has decided to field Imran Prapthagiri from UP as their candidate for Maharashtra.

This statement comes after the Congress party on Sunday, May 28, announced a list of 10 candidates who will be contesting for the Rajya Sabha polls on June 10.

Nagma, who joined the Congress in 2004, has been left out of the list.

Congress party’s national spokesperson, Pawan Khera also tweeted, “Maybe something was missing in my penance.”

Nagma is the general secretary of the Mahila Congress in charge of Jammu  & Kashmir, Ladakh and Puducherry. She is also the Vice President of  the Indian National Congress, Mumbai.