Even after several attempts to register on the Co-Win portal, many received “server not working” message

When crossed the initial hurdle and tried to book a centre, slots became unavailable

Many say the app is not user-friendly even to people who are well-versed with computers

The first part of registration is easy-peasy, while the second stage of booking a centre, date and time failed to appear on the screen

To some, confirmation of registration did not show up and they weren’t allowed to re-register again

Meanwhile, few haven't received the shot, even after booking a slot

Despite booking a slot, approaching the hospital to get the vaccine, their names did not appear on the portal due to technical glitch, as told by many

There is no guarantee when the slot will be available due to software errors

Over 1 million citizens have registered themselves on the Co-WIN portal till 1 pm on March 1

Crowd flooded at Mumbai’s BKC Jumbo vaccination centre after a glitch in the CO-WIN software