Cyborg GT 120 Electric Sports Bike With 125kmph Top Speed, 180km Range Launched in India

By H.JanGra January 29, 2022


Cyborg GT120 electric motorcycle from Ignitron Motocorp was launched in India on Friday

It is powered by a 4.68kWhr lithium-ion battery and is capable of churning out 6kW of peak power.

A single charge is claimed to give the indigenous electric sports bike a range of up to 180km.

Cyborg GT 120 is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 40kmph in 2.5 seconds.

Unlike the other two Cyborg motorcycles — Cyborg Yoga and Cyborg Bob E — Cyborg GT 120 has a fixed battery due to its size and weight. It will come with three riding modes.

The newly launched Cyborg GT 120's pricing and booking information is expected to be announced next month. It will be available in two colour options — Black and Purple.

The motor, battery, and the vehicle are offered with a 5-year warranty.