Deepika Padukone and Depression : How she inspired an entire generation

By Nitish Verma

Deepika Padukone has been  an active advocate of mental health awareness and has been extensively working towards de-stigmatising  mental illness

The actress, who came out in 2015 as having battled depression, runs the  Live Love Laugh Foundation, which aims to help those struggling with their mental health

Padukone founded the  Live Love Laugh Foundation —"an NGO working to  reduce the stigma around mental health and spread awareness about it."

She also started a program  for students, teachers In 2016, Padukone's  Foundation had launched  You Are Not Alone

A helpline number was also given for free counseling For this mission, her NGO Live Love Laugh joined hands with another NGO called Sangath

Padukone had launched 'Frontline Assist' for  COVID-19 warriors to overcome stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

She launched   first-of-its-kind  audio festival  'Care Package' on Clubhouse curated by Deepika from leaders around the world that prioritise 'Care'

She has even received  the Crystal Award at the  World Economic Forum in  2020 for her contribution in spreading awareness about mental health.