The price of domestic cooking gas was hiked by ₹ 50 per cylinder on Saturday, the second increase in two months.

The price hike comes days after the price of commercial LPG cylinders was hiked by ₹ 102.50 earlier this month.

With the latest revision, a 14.2-kg non-subsidised cooking gas cylinder, also known as LPG cylinder, will now cost ₹ 999.50 in Delhi.

The last hike in domestic LPG prices took place on March 22, when the price was increased by ₹ 50.

There was no increase in the price of this cylinder in the month of April.

A 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder now cost ₹ 2,355.50, up from the earlier price of ₹ 2,253.

The latest price hike of domestic gas cylinders has come at a time when  petrol and diesel prices are already beyond the ₹ 100 per litre mark in  several cities across the country.