"Drunk Player Dangled Me From Balcony": Yuzvendra Chahal's Shocking Revelation

By H.JanGra April 8, 2022

Yuzvendra Chahal is enjoying a great run with his new franchise in the Indian Premier League.

Currently, he has seven wickets in three matches for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022

Off the field, Chahal is a character and a much-loved figure in the dressing room thanks to his easy going attitude.

In a video shared by Rajasthan Royals on Twitter, Chahal along with Karun Nair and Ravichandran Ashwin narrated their "comeback stories".

He spoke about his narrow escape in 2013 when a drunk Mumbai Indians player, who Chahal chose not to name, dangled him from the balcony.

"My story, some people know about. I have never spoken about this, I never shared this. In 2013, I was with the Mumbai Indians. We had a match in Bengaluru. There was a get together after that.

There was a player who was very drunk, I will not take his name. He was very drunk; he was looking at me and he just called me. He took me outside and he dangled me from the balcony," Chahal told

"My hands were around him. Had I lost my grip, I was on the 15th floor. Suddenly many people who were there came and got the situation under control

I kind of fainted. They gave me water, then I realised how responsible you should be if you go out anywhere.

So, this was one incident where I felt I made a narrow escape. Had there been the slightest of mistake, I would have fallen down," he added.