Election Commission is ready for One Nation One Election, says Chief Election Commissioner 

One Nation One Election is a good suggestion but this needs a change in the Constitution. We are ready to hold elections only once in 5 years: CEC Sushil Chandra

One Nation One Election could be a reality in the near future. Election Commission welcomed the idea of conducting simultaneous elections but said the process will take time.

Chandra said, "According to the Constitution, all the elections should be held simultaneously. The parliament elections that are held since independence, all three of them are simultaneous elections

It is only later that sometimes the Assembly was dissolved, sometimes parliament, which disturbed the schedule. One Nation One Election is a good suggestion.

source : timesnow

An Assembly which will not be able to complete the 5-year term in the Assembly will have to think about whether we can abolish it under the Constitution or we need to increase the tenure of parliament

Chandra further added that it is to be decided in Parliament that should we take half of the assembly together and the next time take the other half together, it is to be decided in parliament.