Ghani Movie Review : A decent sports drama that lacks freshness

By H.JanGra April 8, 2022

In the world of Ghani, there was once a boxer called Vikramaditya from Andhra Pradesh who was passionate about the sport and even made it to the state boxing championship, only to be disgraced at nationals.

Fifteen years later, his wife (Nadhiya) and son Ghani (Varun Tej Konidela) are still reeling from the aftermath.

The former doesn’t want her son to be associated with anything that brought pain to their family; the latter however doesn’t know how to give up the sport.

He tries everything from taking part in illegal boxing bouts to making it to the ring – only to find out the truth about his father. Will he manage to fulfil his father’s dream forms the crux of Ghani.

Varun Tej has given better performances than he does in Ghani, but it’s not his fault because he doesn’t really get the scope to do so.

His character is put in situations, truth is withheld from him and he seems to be the last person in a room to know anything – which gives him only the space to react.

Saiee’s role turns out to be inconsequential in the longer run and she does an okay job, whereas Nadhiya, Suniel and Uppendra breeze through theirs

Ghani is a decent sports drama, but that’s all it ends up being – decent. The film doesn’t provide anything you haven’t seen before

Watch it this weekend if sports dramas are your thing, but with expectations in check.

Review by:- TOI