Google has announced a bizarre policy that effectively bans call-recording apps from the Play Store.

As part of Google's crackdown on apps that use Android's accessibility APIs for non-accessibility  reasons, Google says call recording is no longer allowed via the  accessibility APIs. 

Since the accessibility APIs are the only way for third-party apps to  record calls on Android, call-recording apps are dead on Google Play.

NLL Apps the developer of a call-recording phone app with a million downloads on the Play Store has been tracking the policy change.

The Google Play support page lays down the new law, saying: "The Accessibility API is not designed  and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording."

There's no clear reason why Google is banning call recording from the Play Store.

Many jurisdictions require the consent of one or more members of a call  in order to start recording, but once you meet that requirement, recording is entirely legal and useful.

The Google Recorder app is a product built entirely around the usefulness of recording conversations.