Grammy 2022 :  BTS's second defeat at the Grammys has left ARMY disheartened

BTS might not have won the Grammy Award again for the second year running after being nominated, but their cheer and presence at the ceremony brought much joy to ARMY, despite their defeat.

From their red carpet entry to their electric Butter performance, and V’s moments with Lady Gaga and Olivia Rodrigo, their appearance at the ceremony continues to be a subject of much discussion.

BTS’s V seemed to have had quite a night as after pulling some smooth moves on Olivia Rodrigo, he got a hug from Lady Gaga.

BTS’s Jin had to undergo surgery for his index finger a couple of weeks ago. While he couldn’t actively perform in the performance of Butter, he did manage to show his dance moves.

BTS didn’t win the award, but they cheered on Doja Cat, while consoling each other with hugs. Suga and Jimin hugged each other after it was announced

Meanwhile the official BTS handle tweeted, “We love you ARMY.” ARMY is looking forward to the next couple of days, as BTS will perform in Las Vegas. The concerts are already sold out