Guilty Minds Review

Amazon Prime Video's new legal drama is refreshing and realistic

Watching Amazon Prime Video's new legal drama Guilty Minds often feels like watching two different shows.

On one hand is the crisp, smart, and (for a change) realistic portrayal of happenings inside courtrooms.

But on the other hand is the story of the lawyers' personal relationships, which feels like it has been conceived by someone with  only a vague understanding of human emotions.

Guilty Minds lies between this crisp legal drama and hammy emotional drama.It had the makings of a great show but didn't quite get there, despite the best efforts of a competent cast.

Cast: Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra, Namrata Sheth, Sugandha Garg, Kulbhushan  Kharbanda, Satish Kaushik, Benjamin Gilani, Virendra Saxena, Diksha  Juneja, Pranay Pachauri.

Director: Shefali Bhushan and Jayant Digambar Somalkar