Haryana passes bill providing 75% reservation for locals in private sector jobs

Reservation will be "socially, economically and environmentally desirable"

Reservation would be applicable to private sector jobs with salaries up to INR 50,000/month

The bill covers private companies, societies, trusts, and partnership firms in the state

Companies must register details of employees earning under INR 50,000/month

Failure to do so within three months since enforcement will attract penalties

Private companies can be fined a minimum of INR 10,000 and up to INR 2 lakh for not following provisions of the law

Companies can invoke a clause if suitable local candidates cannot be found

The law will also provide training to eligible local candidates when qualified people are not available

Local people, i.e., those domiciled in state, will be benefitted from law

Law will discourage influx of migrants seeking low-paid jobs

The quota will only apply for 10 years initially

The rules on this new law will be framed soon and published