Holi 2022:  When Is Holi 2022 and other important details

The Hindu month of Phalguna is known for one of India's biggest and most loved festivals, Holi. Often referred to as rang wali Holi or the festival of colours

Every year Holi is celebrated on the Purnima Tithi that is Full Moon Day and is preceded by the Holika Dahan ritual.

source : timesnow

This year, Holi will be celebrated on March 18, Holika Dahan on March 17. Purnima Tithi begins - 01:29 PM on March and ends - 12:47 PM on March 18.

According to one of the legends, Holi is the day that marks the union of Shri Krishna and his consort, Radha.

There are a few fascinating tales associated with Holi.

According to another legend, Holi marks the reunion of Kama Deva (the God of love and desires) and his wife, Rati. Lord Shiva restored Kama Deva's original form.

People associate the story of Bhakt Prahlad with Holi festivities. Like Diwali, Holi also embodies the triumph of good over evil