How Not to Be at the Mercy of Your Feelings

Source: harleytherapy

Dialectical behaviour therapy was created for people with emotional dsyregulation or borderline personality disorder.

It offers a scientific-based set of set of techniques for emotional tipping points, designed to knock you out of thought and emotions and into your body, which creates a small break that gives you the opportunity to choose a healthier reaction.

As far as emotional regulation issues go, mindfulness helps you to label and therefore step back from your emotional states.

The more you teach your brain to hold off, the more you might find you start holding off on emotional responses, too.

The more we are entrenched in one perspective, the less likely we are to understand others, the more likely we are to get defensive and emotional when we are challenged.

It's important to recognise that we can make emotional regulation skills far more likely to be a success if we set the stage for them.