How to manage when you are alone and test COVID-19 positive?

Have a look around through the eyes of a sick person. Analyze the essentials that you would require in case of sickness.

Notice the symptoms first and work your way accordingly. You might be feeling better right now, but things might change in the second week of infection.

Seek advice, medications and the tests that you need to get done. Make sure the doctor is aware of any medical history.

Hydrate yourself regularly - soups, tea with honey or ginger, fruits, and decoctions are the choices you should rely on to maintain your immunity.

Track your vitals regularly. Try to keep your body temperature below 100 at all times.

Reach out to your close ones. Set up video calls, chats, or voice calls to stay in touch with one or two of your trusted people. Also, check out those who might need your help.

Don’t ignore your mental health. Stay focused and stay away from any kind of negativity during this period.

While mild and moderate symptoms can be easily managed at home, yet you should plan for the worst.

Pack a bag with a spare essential items as you might need the same in case of emergency. It’s better to be prepared rather than just ignoring the basics for some other time. #StayHome #StaySafe