India electricity shortage in March worst since October coal crisis

India’s electricity shortage of 574 million units from March 1 to March 30 is the worst since October 2021, a Reuters analysis of government data showed

As generators strive to meet requirements, a fall in the national coal inventory is forcing the government to withold supply to other sectors and suspend fuel auctions 

Many northern states suffered hours-long power outages in October, when a crippling coal shortage caused the worst electricity deficit in nearly five years

The deficit in March was 574 million kilowatt-hours, a measure that multiplies power level by duration, a Reuters analysis of data from federal grid regulator POSOCO showed.

Shortages in the eastern state of Jharkhand and Uttarakhand in the north surpassed those of October, the data showed.

source : reuters

The southern state of Andhra Pradesh and the tourist resort state of Goa, which registered marginal shortages in October, suffered deficits several times larger in March.

Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab and the eastern state of Bihar, some parts of which suffered widespread outages in October, accounted for most of the deficit in March.