India successfully test-fired the short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile Prithvi-2 from an  Integrated Test Centre in Odisha.

This comes days after conducting a routine test of its nuclear-capable Agni missile. According to the Defence Ministry, the Prithvi-2 missile was test fired at around 7.30 pm.

Prithvi-2 missile system is considered extremely successful and is  capable of hitting the target with a very high degree of accuracy.

Prithvi-2 is a single-stage missile that falls under the liquid fuelling category.It was developed by DRDO and was first used by the Indian Air Force.

It was first test-fired on January 27, 1996 and the development stages were completed in 2004.

India has three Prithvi missiles with Prithvi-1 having a range of 150  km, Prithvi-2 with 250 km range and Prithvi-3 with 350 km range.

The Prithvi-2 missile can carry a weapon ranging from 500 to 1000 kg and is powered by a two-engine liquid propellant.