An Indian diplomat has decided to boycott the opening and closing ceremony of Winter Olympics in Beijing

where China has chosen as torchbearer a soldier who fought in Ladakh's Galwan Valley against Indian troops in 2020.

The foreign ministry today called it "regrettable" that the Chinese side has chosen to politicise an event like the Olympics

Qi Fabao, a regiment commander in the People's Liberation Army who sustained a serious head injury during the fighting, was among the 1,200 torchbearers in the Games.

He was feted as a hero by the Chinese state media which reported his inclusion in the games.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the clash in Galwan in June 2020 -- a first in nearly six decades. The stand-off it created is yet to be resolved.

Only one athlete from the country 'skier Arif Mohammad Khan'  is participating in the Winter Olympics.

Shortly after the foreign ministry's announcement, national broadcaster Doordarshan said it will not live telecast the opening or closing ceremony.