Instagram recently began testing paid subscriptions with a few content creators and influencers in the US, allowing them to charge their followers a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content

A purple badge next to their username to show they are subscribed when they interact with the creator.

While the paid subscriptions feature is only available to a few content creators in the US

The feature has now been spotted in India with pricing tiers to subscribe to some content creators in local currency.

According to screenshots shared by Twitter user Salman Memon (@salman_memon_7), Instagram is displaying the option to subscribe to select creator accounts.

The subscription pricing is displayed in rupees, with differing prices — Rs. 89, Rs. 440, and Rs. 890 a month

According to a report, pricing for paid subscriptions in the US will range from $0.99 (roughly Rs. 74) to $99.99 (roughly Rs. 7400) per month.