How Japanese  Stay Fit for Life, Without Going to The Gym

Japanese men and women credit the antioxidant property of green tea for looking younger and living healthy.

1. Green Tea

 Japanese culture insists upon different flavors not touching each other on the same plate hence making each serving small keeping  the Japanese fit.

2.Smaller Servings

Japanese people don't believe in eating on the go and usually eat without stress while sitting down together with their family and friends. This helps them to chew and digest their food better.

3.Eating together

The Japanese walk on an average, more than 6500 steps daily !


Japanese people like their vegetables boiled to make them fat-free and hence, supplement in weight loss.

5.Boiling vegetables

Japan is the land of ninjas and Japanese folks indulge in learning martial arts from a young age that helps them to stay fit and healthy.

6. Martial-Arts

Japan is known for hard-working citizens who work with breath-taking intensity to get stuff done. This amazing work-ethic helps them to burn calories and stay fitter.

7. High work-ethic

Wasabi is a part of the staple diet in Japan with Sushi antd Sashimi. It is low in fats and high in protein hence ameliorating the health of the Japanse.