Amid Johny Depp and Amber Heard's bitter court battle, the tides seem to be favouring Depp.

Not only has the actor been garnering support from fans on social media,  but the actor has also landed a lead role in an upcoming French film.

Depp is all set to feature as King Louis XV in a new historical drama which will be directed by French director Maiwenn.

According to reports, Depp will play French King Louis XV in a new  'Jeanne Du Barry', directed by French director Maiwenn (Polisse).

The film will be shot at the Palace of Versailles and around Paris this summer.The plot of the legendary drama has been kept under wraps. 

Louis Garrel, Pierre Richard and Noemie Lvovsky will also be seen in  the new release and the production start date has not been revealed.

Louis XV, also known as his beloved Louis, reigned as King of France for  59 years until his death in 1774. He was beheaded after the French  Revolution.

Depp's last film was Andrew Levitas' 'Minamata' which was released in 2020. He played W. Eugene Smith, an American photographer.