Keanu Reeves wants to be killed in John Wick: Chapter 4

Reeves is physically and emotionally drained after filming the John Wick movies, wishing for his character to be 'definitively' killed off by the fourth film.

Iwanyk, the producer, said they left a small chance for Wick to survive as ending the franchise would mean missing out on working together.

The close relationship between the crew makes them hesitant to end the franchise, comparing the director and Reeves' partnership to The Beatles.

Iwanyk is happy to wait until Reeves and director Stahelski come up with another chapter for Wick's story.

Iwanyk expressed he isn't ready to let go of the character yet and is willing to proceed once the creative duo is prepared.

They want to continue the franchise but cannot just 'jam it for the sake of jamming it' and are unsure when and what a new installment will look like.