KGF: Chapter 2 : Rocky Bhai’s Avatars Sells 500 NFTs In Just 10 Minutes.

The craze for KGF: Chapter 2 is evident from the fact that even before its release the film has been creating a lot of buzz.

As the film is inclining towards its theatrical release, it is creating a rave in the metaverse as well.

Record number of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been snapped up by collectors. It is being termed the biggest NFT sale in India to date.

With the motive to further amplify the craze among the masses for KGF: Chapter 2, the makers came up with the unique idea of promotion.

Hombale Films along with Lysto and Bookmyshow, unveiled 'KGFVerse', a digital avatar-based universe in the metaverse, for the fans.

And looked like, they have succeeded in reaching out to the masses as 500 NFTs were sold in the first 10 minutes.

The film franchise Hombale Films has introduced a set of three NFTs - Bombay Rocky, Narachi Rocky, and Toofan Rocky avatars.