Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui Reveals He Is Married and a Father

To the dismay of his female fans, Munwar Faruqui has revealed on the show that he is married and has a son.

There have been speculations about his relationship and he has attracted a lot of female attention in Lock Upp.

On the judgement day, host Kangana Ranaut asked Munawar whether he would tell the truth if asked related to his personal life.

Munawar agreed to do so, but fans didn't expect such a big revelation.

Sharing that he is married from a young age, Munawar disclosed he also has a child from that marriage.

He further revealed that his marriage and separation is already in the court. So he has refrained from talking about it in public.

Anjali Arora who has confessed her love for Munawar seemed shocked, but Kangana praised him for speaking out.

Source: TOI