"Massive" Fake Ticket Fraud At Champions League Final

By H.JanGra May  30, 2022

France  blamed  ticket fraud for the chaotic scenes that marred the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid that raised questions over the capacity of Paris to host the 2024 Olympics

The French government has faced a barrage of criticism from press and politicians in Britain over police handling of the match on Saturday

which saw thousands of Liverpool fans with tickets struggling to enter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman told reporters in London many Liverpool fans were in the French capital "in good time".

"We're hugely disappointed by how they were treated," the spokesman added. "Fans deserve to know what happened."

What has been confirmed is a massive, industrial-scale and organised fraud in fake tickets... this was the root cause of the delay to the match," Darmanin said

Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said French authorities were "extremely sorry" for the approximately 2,700 fans with tickets that were unable to enter the Stade de France