MCC announces several changes in Law of Cricket

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has announced the new code of Laws for 2022 on Wednesday. Several notable changes in Laws of Cricket in following slides

Law 1 – Replacement players

The replacements are now be treated as if they were the player they replaced on the field. They will receive the sanctions or dismissals.

Law 18 – Batters returning when Caught

when a batter gets caught, the player who comes to bat will start at the striker’s end. Attempt to cross over while a catch is being taken will have no impact

Law 20.4.2. 12 – Dead ball

It will be a Dead ball if either side is disadvantaged by a person, animal or other object within the field of play.

Law 21.4 – Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery

If a bowler throws the ball in an attempt to run out the striker before entering their delivery stride, it will now be Dead ball.

Law 22.1 – Judging a Wide

‘Wide’ will apply to where the batter is standing, where the striker has stood at any point since the bowler began their run up

source : news18

Law 25.8 – Striker’s right to play the ball

If the ball lands away from the pitch, the new Law allows the striker to play the ball so long as some part of their bat or person remains within the pitch

Laws 27.4 and 28.6 – Unfair movement by the fielding side

Given the action is both unfair and deliberate, it will now see the batting side awarded 5 Penalty runs.

Law 41.3 – No saliva

The new Laws will not permit the use of saliva on the ball, which also removes any grey areas of fielders eating sugary sweets to alter their saliva to apply to the ball