Meta and Microsoft announce release of Llama 2

Microsoft is set to release a new version of Meta Platforms' artificial-intelligence language model, Llama 2, on its Azure cloud-computing platform.

This partnership between Microsoft and Meta marks the first time the software is available to companies; previously, only academics had access to an earlier version of Llama.

Meta is releasing Llama 2 as 'open source' software, enabling wider use, modification, and sharing by the public, which introduces competition for other AI models.

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Microsoft also announced plans to charge businesses $30 a month per person for access to an AI-powered assistant for Microsoft 365.

Despite Microsoft's significant investments in OpenAI, the company is expanding its AI offerings, exemplified by making Llama 2 available to Azure customers.

Microsoft hasn't released a date for the wide rollout of Copilot, an AI-powered tool, which can carry out tasks like summarizing emails and analyzing sales data.