10 Money  Habits To Master In 2021

Spend less than you earn  Limit your spending and luxuries with regard to your earnings

Spend on future investment   Take care of your future self by investing in an effective MF saving scheme and on future retirement funds.

Create your Budget Set a limit or a boundary for spending money. Invest or save the rest of earning

Automate your finances A small fixed amount from your salary will be deducted on a regular basis to get saved in the fund or schemes of your choice.

Track your expenses Calculate your essential & non-essential expenses separately, try to cut big expenses in future.

Pay your taxes & bills on time  Avoid procrastination on paying taxes and bills, if you do, next time you would have to pay the amount with an additional big sum of penalty.

Pay and Avoid debts Pay any debt as early as possible to avoid paying multiples of the original amount.

Try to spend more on Assets than liabilities  Buy assets that generate income and value in the future.

ECS mandate Set up an ECS mandate to save a certain number of money automatically from your earnings, where a part of your savings will be saved in another account.

Shop online than buying from the market Online purchasing allows you to buy products at cheaper prices comparing the MRP available at Direct retail markets.

Especially with more coupons and code available, this method can save money.