Nand Mulchandani, an Indian-origin man, has been appointed the CIA's first-ever Chief Technology Officer.

The announcement for the coveted position was made by Director William J Burns in a blog post and also shared on social media.

Nand Mulchandani has over 25 years of experience working in Silicon Valley and recently the Department of Defence

It added that Mr Mulchandani “brings substantial private sector, startup, and government expertise to CIA”.

In his role as the CTO, Mr Mulchandani will ensure that the Agency is leveraging cutting-edge innovations, the statement said

Mulchandani completed his schooling in Delhi. He studied at the Bluebells School International between 1979 and 1987

And then went to Cornell University for his undergraduate course in Computer Science and Math.

He then went on to secure a Master of Science degree in Management from  Stanford, and a Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard