NASA Encounters Problem During Artemis I Wet Dress Rehearsal, Delays Test

By H.JanGra April 4, 2022

NASA has yet again delayed the final major test of its Space Launch System (SLS), which will be used to carry humans to the Moon, initially, and then to Mars and beyond.

The agency announced it has suspended the “wet dress rehearsal” after issues with maintaining the pressure in the mobile launcher

which provides support for the rocket up until launch — prevented technicians from safely loading propellants into the rocket.

Engineers have been working to address the issues and NASA has updated that it is targeting to resume the final test before the Artemis I uncrewed mission on Monday.

The wet dress rehearsal before the mega 322-foot Space Launch System (SLS) rocket was okayed for flying had begun Friday at the Kennedy Space Center and it was set to complete by Sunday.

Some fans on the mobile launcher failed to maintain positive pressure within the enclosed areas. This pressure is needed to keep out hazardous gases.

As a result, NASA engineers couldn't “safely proceed” with the fuel-loading process, the agency said, adding that they are exploring the next opportunity to load the fuel on Monday

“Teams have decided to scrub tanking operations for the wet dress rehearsal due to loss of ability to pressurise the mobile launcher,” NASA stated in a blog post.