Stargazers always crave stunning visuals of celestial bodies, phenomenons occurring at the edge of the world and  American space agency NASA

gives these stargazers a chance to experience these incredible extraterrestrial events through visualisation by the Hubble Telescope.

Keeping its stargazers curious and satisfied, NASA has now shared the spectacular visualisation of 'Monkey Head Nebula' which is located 6400 light-years away from us.

 "This spectacular Hubble visualization shows a star-forming region 6,400. Hubble imaged the Monkey Head Nebula, formally known as NGC 2174, for its 24th anniversary in 2014."

People from across the world are amazed to witness such a spectacular visualisation

the star-forming region and are flooding the comment box with messages expressing their amusement. One user wrote, "Heavenly," "Wonderful," wrote another.