NASA's Perseverance Completes One Year on Mars: Here Are the Rover's Top Achievements

Source : NDTV

NASA's Mars rover Perseverance is celebrating the completion of its one-year stay on the Red Planet by learning to run on its rocky surface.

Over the past year, Perseverance has collected six rock samples so far, served as a base station for the Ingenuity helicopter, and tested the first prototype oxygen generator MOXIE on Mars, NASA said.

The six-wheeled machine is collecting rock samples to send them back to Earth during a future crewed mission to the Red Planet.

Scientists would then be able to study the samples, primarily looking for signs of ancient life on Mars.

Perseverance recently set the record for covering the greatest distance in a single Martian day, or sol, by any rover on the planet.

While transferring rock samples to its storage, Perseverance had choked its systems in December.