Srinivasa Ramanujan's birth anniversary

National Mathematics Day 

December 22, 2021

India celebrates 22nd December as National Mathematics Day in India in honour of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan

One this day lets know about some  interesting facts about the genius mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ramanujan was gifted in mathematics from a young age. He could ace advance mathematical problems from the tender age of 11

At 15 , he came across a book called A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics by George Shoobridge Carrin and found himself engrossed in the world of theorems and proofs

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He was awarded a college scholarship, but it had to be revoked because Ramanujan had failed all of his classes except maths

The scholar lived in poverty until R Ramachandra Rao, the secretary of the Indian Mathematical Society, discovered him in 1910 and supported him financially

In 1912, Ramanujan started working as a clerk in the Madras Port Trust. There, his colleague referred him to Professor GH Hardy of Trinity College, Cambridge University

In 1916, Ramanujan received a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. He was elected to the London Mathematical Society in 1917.

In 1918, he was elected a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society for his research on Elliptic Functions and theory of numbers. 1st Indian ever

Robert Kanigel wrote his detailed biography covering all his achievements in 'The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan'.

A British feature film with the same name was also made in 2015 based on the biography . Directed by Matt Brown, starring Dev Patel as Ramanujan