NETFLIX India's new pricing plans:  popular mobile plan now at Rs 149/month

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Netflix was facing fierce competition from Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and a slew of other Indian subscription video on demand (SVOD) providers


1. Mobile plan - Rs 149/month from Rs 199/month 2. Basic plan - Rs 199/M instead of Rs 499/month 3. Standard plan - Rs 499/month instead of Rs 649/month


Finally, Netflix's most expensive plan, the premium plan, will now cost Rs 649/ month. Previously, this package cost Rs 799 / month.

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Netflix has dubbed the new plans as  ‘Happy New Prices’  and will take effect on December 14, 2021


1. Amazon Prime- Rs 129/month now 179/month 2.Disney+Hotstar - Rs 1499 yearly for premium services and Rs 499 for Disney+Hotstar mobile

While Netflix has lowered its costs, Amazon has raised its prices for Amazon Prime, which includes access to the Prime Video service.

Amazon will raise the price of Prime membership in India by up to 50% from December 14 

Netflix India's Vice President of Content, Monika Shergill, explained that the price decrease coincides with the company's content strategy and the release of new content.

According to Netflix India's ROC filings, the company's topline in FY21 was Rs 1526.36 crore, up from Rs 923.33 crore the year before.