Netflix's Harry and Meghan: Couple seen remembering their first date

The arrival of the documentary series "Harry and Meghan" was announced by Netflix on Thursday.

Netflix released a short clip of the couple discussing their very first date in London.

During their side-by-side interview on a sofa, Meghan recalled telling Prince Harry, "You were late."

Prince Harry described himself as being a "hot, sweaty red ball of a mess" when he arrived for the date.

Meghan also mentioned that she realized he was "genuinely so embarrassed and late" after his arrival.

The couple's love story and their lives as members of the royal family are explored in the six-part docuseries.

On Netflix, you can watch the first chapter of "Harry and Meghan."

The second volume, containing the last three episodes, will be released on December 15.

Source: NDTV