Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 Review: A BINGE-WORTHY SEQUEL

By H.JanGra April  30, 2022

This season of 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend' picks up right from where the previous instalment had left off

With Tanie Brar (Anya Singh) moving on after her breakup with bestfriend-turned-boyfriend Sumer Singh Dhillon (Nakuul Mehta).

But fate has other plans for them, forcing them to reunite after a long separation.

Will the duo's rekindled friendship bring them closer, or will it cause them to split up once more?

There is enough drama, emotions, friendship, perplexity, and romance to keep viewers engaged.

Despite this, it remains committed to keeping the narrative simple, making the show a light-hearted watch that requires constant attention.

When the OTT space is flooded with crime thrillers and intense drama, NKYBF2 offers a breath of fresh air by focusing on the ups and downs in the lives of two best friends

Tanie once told Sumer, "The world is full of variables, and we are each other's constants," and we couldn't agree more with her.

The story definitely has all the elements of a masala flick and looks totally inspired from the romance king of Bollywood

With each episode lasting just over half an hour, and featuring snappy dialogues and vibrantly dramatic characters, this sequel is unquestionably binge-worthy.