Maharashtra govt announces stringent restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue to soar in the state.

This is applicable from 8 pm, April 22 till 7 am, May 1.

What are the new restrictions?

All government offices to operate only with 15% attendance unless for any emergency.

Weddings to be conducted as a single event in a single hall within 2 hours with maximum  25 persons.

Private transport can operate only for emergency/ essential services with driver plus 50% of seating capacity.

Inter-district or inter-city travel is allowed only for emergency/ essential services or unavoidable events.

Private buses and state/ local govt owned buses can operate with 50% of seating capacity with no standing travellers.

Who can use local trains, metro, and monorail services (except long-distance)? 1. All government personnel 2. All Medical Personnel 3. Individuals needing medical treatment/ differently-abled and one person accompanying Valid ID proofs/ ticket proofs would be required.