New Year's Eve 2021 :

Google marks New Year's eve with colourful, cute Doodle

December 31, 2021

All Google users will be entering the New Year with lots of confetti, candies and jacklights as the search engine’s New Year Doodle is just that

On Friday, December 31, Google unveiled a festive Doodle to commemorate the arrival of the New Year.

The Google Doodle went live globally as the clock struck 12.Google is all set to end the year on a celebratory note.

The big G appears cuter than ever, designed like a bursting candle poised to erupt with future surprises.

As Google Doodle did not come with an explanation this time, Google wants viewers to be able to find their own form of celebration within the opulent Doodle.

“That's a wrap for 2021 – Happy New Year's Eve!” wrote Google on its new design. Design is plainer than previous years but attractive and party like

The Google Doodle is a great illustration to bid adieu to the year 2021, which was overpowered by the coronavirus pandemic

Nevertheless, 2021 incorporated successful achievements such as such as the Paralympics , Olympics , and COP 26 and the Covid-19 vaccine.